Zapping Your Brain – Does it Work?

It’s been shown that small gentle electrical zaps to the brain have the potential to accelerate learning and provide an overall boost in performance. And while it may work across a wide range of brain functions, ti comes with a price. New studies reveal that, based on electrical zaps, while one area of the brain may be enhanced, a different area may be diminished.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I do not endorse electrical stimulation for two reasons.

1. These zaps must be performed in a controlled environment by a skilled medical professional.

2. I have no desire to do something that may affect different areas of my brain in different ways.
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There are researchers who study the brain exclusively, in particular, transcranial electrical stimulation, which is what we’re discussing. In these cases electrodes are placed on scalp and the electrical impulses are delivered via these electrodes with accuracy and precision.

These studies have shown that students and possibly everyday people can be cognitively enhanced in this manner. Current usage is limited to enhanced recovery for those with speech or movement issues from a stroke, while DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has considered it as a way to accelerate learning for their various intelligence projects.

FACT: Studies have been very positive with these methods; it is only recently that detrimental side-effects may have been noticed.

Neuropsychologist Rex Jung of the University of New Mexico offered, “This is the first paper to my knowledge to show a cost associated with the gains in cognitive function,”. Dr. Jung was not associated with the study.

Obviously, if you’re reading this you’re interested in improving the power of your brain, not simply in cognitive enhancement, but the memory, stamina, focus and the ability to learn and grasp new ideas.

It’s not practical, or even commercially feasible to have electrodes implanted on your scalp, not to mention the cost.

However, there is a way to train the brain to better understand ideas, grasp new concepts, focus for longer periods and eliminate fatigue and it’s found in all natural ingredients, 100 percent safe and available to anyone. It’s called Adderin and I encourage you to learn more and let your potential be truly limitless.