Quick question, do you have a specific objective or aspect of your memory you’d like to improve?

Maybe it remembers faces, names, information, it’s all part of the fascinating part of the human body called the brain. The great thing about memory training is the more you do it, the better you get, and the more motivation you have to do more.

For me, in addition to memory exercises, I take brain boosters, that’s a personal choice and not something you have to do. I like them simply because they’ve allowed me to proceed that much faster.

When you begin to feel and experience your memory getting better, faster, more complete, you’ll start to see improvement in other areas of your life also.


For a moment, just relax, let all the cares and trouble of the days just fade away. Imagine you have perfect recall. Any piece of information you need is instantly available. There are no frustrating or embarrassing moments, you are in total control of your mind and every situation you encounter.

If you see a familiar face, you immediately know their name. The expression, “I forgot”, is not longer part of your vocabulary. You remember your best friend’s birthday, your anniversary, your wife’s favorite flower, your bills are paid on time. You are the envy of all that know you and wonder how you are so organized.

You’ll never again say, “Where did I put the keys?” or “Where is my wallet, glasses, you simply see exactly where they are in your mind, in your memory.

Never will you enter a room, drive a car or make a phone call and experience a moment of bewilderment about who you’re calling, or why you came into the room. Your mind is sharp; your recall is instant, your power of recall is legendary.

When you meet someone new and are given a name and phone number, you will retain that information for later recall. You may commit it to permanent memory or short-term memory till it’s recorded in your contacts, it’s your decision how your mind works and what you commit to memory.

There will never again be a nagging question of, “Did I take my medication?”, you’ll know exactly when you took it, how much you took and when is your next scheduled dose.

When you leave for a trip, there will be no nagging doubt about leaving the stove on, or locking the front door; you will know without the doubt the stove is off and the door locked.

Wrotomg down a grocery list is unnecessary unless you desire, you carry the list in your mind for instant recall, checking off items as you get them. For a moment you wonder, “Why do I even make a list, I don’t need them”? Perhaps it’s a quaint memory of your childhood; it doesn’t matter, do them, don’t do them, it’s your choice.

You’re up-to-speed on current events and what happened in today’s news is in the forefront of your mind. When you sit to drink coffee with friends, you often lead the conversation since people turn to you for the latest news, knowing, while perhaps wondering, “How in the heck does he know all that?”

Studying for school is no longer a chore, your reading comprehension has improved dramatically, and when it’s time for a quiz, you never dread the taking, instead you know in advance you’ll pass with flying colors.

You’re the life of the party, remembering all the best jokes and warming up the crowd for an evening of fun and frolic. Party organizers ask if you’ll tell a story, or entertain the crowd to get things moving in the right direction. You accept the task with merriment, knowing the latest and greatest infomating from TV, social media, and living life.

Public speaking doesn’t scare you, in fact, you look forward to delivering information to your peers, knowing they’ll be hanging on every word. And should a tough question arise from the audience, you’ll ponder it for a moment, then answer with skill, knowledge and public speaking skills.

More than anything you feel good about life, confident in your abilities and ready to walk forward into the future. One day you notice it seems your creativity and concentration have improved and you’re better able to complete tasks on time and with enhanced quality. While before you didn’t seem to be musically inclined, now you find yourself taking up an instrument or painting a landscape. You’re more engaged with life and desire to reach out beyond the norm and experience life to the fullest.

There are few areas of life you don’t find interesting, and in any area you find yourself lacking, this is easily cured with online education or reading a textbook, or engaging in a deep conversation with peers. You’ve broken through the glass ceiling and realize there are no limits, only life and you intend to live it to the fullest